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Buy equipment with us is much cheaper ! Almost tax free !

You will never find such low prices for kite rentals on the planet !

We sell AIR RUSH and CORE.


About Kite-adic

At Kite-adic, we are passionate about outdoor activities and kite is a way of life for us

After more than 25 years in the wind, waves and many spots around the world, we finally got to Adicora to operate a business in kitesurfing.

Further more, we inform, guide, assist and translate, offer a variety of services and necessary logistics for you to have 100 % satisfaction !

Who we are


Why taking kite lessons ?

One of our specialty is kite lessons. Trying to learn kite without the adequate formation given by a competent instructor can be very dangerous. Everybody need to take a kite lessons to learn how to manipulate and control the kite a well as knowing what to do if there is a problem. Our priority is always the same: SECURITY. No matter how fast the beginner learns. We also offer the best package deals adapted to everyone.

Lodging: What is your best option ?

Depending what you look for, budget and how many people you are. Posada or house, we will provide what you need ! Here are our options for you :

POSADAS. Near by the beach and village ! For lonely travelers, couples or groups. They offer nice rooms with AC, Wi-fi, bathroom, kitchen or meals. Depending on the duration of your journey and posada, prices from as low as 13 $ thru 27 $ per day !

Houses and posadas
Houses for rent: More privacy, luxury and beach front !

BEACH FRONT HOUSES FOR RENT. We provide very nice beach front houses in Adicora for everyone looking for privacy, comfort and space. Clic below and have a look to our finest accommodation !


Activities Touring Restaurants

CORE kites for sale !

Best deals on CORE kites for sale here! Free testing on the spot !

Other things to see

Attractions Nearby Adicora or rest of the country, Venezuela is one of the most fantastic country to visit in the world !


Kite-adic is open for collaboration and partnership with any other businesses in the world !

Windsurfing !

Windsurfing has put Adicora on the map ! Look for the outstanding conditions !