Group picture of a downwind from Adicora to El-Supi in february 2014.
El-Supi's flat water. Transition in front of a nice little beach where we can launch or land...
Buchuaco's "pool". Nice little bay where you can try many tricks !

"Back spin" near Buchuaco's beach.
Transition kiteloop in Buchuaco's little bay.
Buchuaco's reef: Nice little waves that day but beware the reef !
Downwind from Adicora to El-Supi february 2014. Picture taken in Playa Cazon.
In the large bay of El Supi, houses built on the spot.
Upper El-Supi's bay in front of a nice little beach where an hurricane half-destroyed a posada around 2007...
Mata Gorda, we like...
There are full of spots to explore between Mata Gorda and over Cabo San Roman. Here is Puerto Escondido. A side-off shore spot.