Adicora, Venezuela

Located on the second most nordic point in South America continent, the Paraguana peninsula where is Adicora is blown almost all year round by the wind. It is in fact THE OR ONE OF THE 2 BEST WIND SPOT ON THE PLANET CAUSE THE WIND BLOWS ALMOST PERMENENTLY !

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Adicora's beach, where you can ride every evening with magnificient sunset sessions !

If you come in Adicora wich is a tropical spot, you have on your side, the BEST CONDITIONS TO LEARN, RIDE AND PROGRESS wich you can't get in almost all other wind spots in the world, ESPECIALY AS CHEAP !

Matagorda, wonderful place and an incredible kite spot...


The Paraguana peninsula is just north of one of the oldest cities of the whole continent: Coro. This city has more than 500 years. Pay a visit to the oldest part of it named "La zona colonial" is interesting. This city is known to be quiet...

The pink flamingos. We can observe them all year round in that privileged spot about 6 km of Adicora !

Either you go on the beaches or visit other places it is typical and quiet in the middle of nowhere!

There is also other places, animals and interesting things to see like Cabo San Roman, a variety of birds as we can see on the picture above, the sand dunes of Coro ( Los Medanos ), The biological reserve of Montecano and the mountain of "Cerro Santa-Ana" in the middle of the peninsula...

Another world

For more than 20 years, Adicora has attracted many windsurfing kite addicts. Those who had never traveled in Latin Americas had and came over here had at the same time an impressive contact with the culture and unmatched satisfaction for the conditions !

For the last 3 or 4 decades, Venezuela is in an aleatory and sometimes cahotic trajectory. There has been many economical, political, and social crisis in this country. It is one of the few country with a currency exchange control. In large cities like Caracas, there is a high criminality level...

Even if Adicora and neighbouring region is quiet, to come in Venezuela it is very important to be well informed and prepared if you do not want any bad surprises. So please contact us to get in touch with us and we will inform and assist you from day one !

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"La zona colonial" of Coro, one of the oldest cities of the whole coninent !

Travelers must be advised and know that in Venezuela, there are many very different things than the G-20 countries like the culture and mentality for example...

The state of development of the country has socialy improved since the early 2000's but since 2013, the economic situation is again difficult and the country has experienced an extremely high inflation rate followed by a harsh political crisis in the cities and many areas of the country. But since a while, the situation reasonably stablilized itself. The country is currently in a major transition...

The country is full of wonders to visit like "La Gran Sabana" where are located the "Tepuis", and "Salto Angel", the highest waterfall in the world!

But despite many particular, impressive and surprising aspects of Venezuela, which is full of fantastic places to visit, Adicora is located in a secluded and privileged place that has at the same time evaded and distinguished itself from these particuliarities. Although you should know that the development of international tourism is still at the prime or secondary stage. Despite these factors we give, as much as we can, the best services you can get over here !

Adicora is expanding and there is a gradual boom, despite the successive crisis that raged across the country in the last 25 years. This town could soon become an internationally popular place especially for the amount of wind, quality of kiting and windsurfing and it's low prices!

The restaurant "La Pancha". An exceptional 4 to 5 services ! A unique experience and succulent dishes that would normaly cost you a fortune elsewhere in the world !


Definitely, the restaurant "La Pancha" stands very far from all the others on the line. Whether through the quality of it's food, its very nice and particular service or the fact that they are always so gently welcoming !

An experiment at "La Pancha" has delighted all those who have been there until now and without exceptions everyone wanted to repeat the experience ! You can even watch many Peakocks in the garden! You will enjoy dishes that would easily cost you between 75 and 150 dollars in the rest of the world will cost you between only 12 and 20 dollars here !!

In Adicora there is a good lobster restaurant and a few other acceptable restaurants and you can eat good full meal for less than $ 2 and it doesn't often exceeds 4 or $ 5 !! (Price vary more or less with the inflation). In other places, towns and cities like Punto-Fijo, there are many more infrastructures downtown and 2 nice and modern big malls like the "Sambil" where are located various quality stores and restaurants...

View from the terrace on the roof of Fredy's house beach front. Special place !


Houses: We select the best accommodations we have encountered ! We deal with people who are serious and have the commitment to give the best service, comfort and as much equipment as possible in this remote place! Guests have for priority your satisfaction and will do everything they can for you to have a memorable stay!

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The courtyard of a posada that we supply. 2 steps from the beach or the kiting spot!

Posadas: The hotel business services and inns are still at the small businesses level but are in development. Some are more equipped and clean than others and it is important to understand that in a place like this little village where there is not everything and almost nobody speaks another language than Spanish, the assistance of guides who know the place and acccommodations quality, that will help you with the guiding, logistics, language and give you the best service as possible in the matter that you won't miss anything, this will make all the difference between a good or bad stay ! click on the link below for more infos !


This is also why Kite-adic is here and will help you choose the right accommodation that fits for you, will guide, folow you all along your adventure in the region so you will be cozy and have 100 % statisfaction ! Contact us for more infos !

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Part of the beach, the town, and the spot where we ride.

The spot

The whole peninsula where Adicora is located is blown almost constantly by the wind. In Adicora, you have all the conditions on the spot: waves and flat water in front of where you will be staying ! Plus: the spot is infinitely large and very often during the week you will be alone or a few riders !

You just have to put your swimsuit, take your kite or windsurfing gear, go in the water and enjoy the incredible conditions!

Whether you stay at the posada, or renting a house, you will be directly in front, a short walk or very close to the beach!!

In Adicora the conditions are ideal for kiting. Here a portion of flat water spot wich is a must for kiteboarders

The whole peninsula is swept by the wind over 300 days a year and there is a lot of sandy shallow water to practice and space ! For confirmed riders, flat water and waves of 35 to 50 miles from Adicora to the north !

Toute la péninsule est balayée par le vent plus de 300 jours par année et il y a de tout soit eau peu profonde et sabloneuse pour bien apprendre et de l'espace ! Pour les riders confirmés, eau plate et vagues sur 35 a 50 km de Adicora vers le nord !

At the end of a great kiting day at Matagorda with visitors from Canada and France.

You have the wind, waves, flat water, everything close at hand and in addition access to all the coast line which offers a variety of amazing spots, expeditions and incredible downwinds are organized in all spots and surrounding villages or will experience magical sessions, often intimate in the middle of nowhere!

Apart from the kite and windsurfing, there are also expeditions to other kite spots on the coast, as Mata Gorda, El-Supi and also Cabo San Roman and other activities offered ! Welcome to the or one of the best spot of wind on the planet and don't hesitate to contact us!

The Las Piedras airport and an airline that links between Caracas and Las Piedras

Booking flights

There are many ways to book flights and come to Adicora. You can mainly pass by Aruba and Caracas. In any case, we will assist you and welcome you ourselves from your arrival at the airport and we also work with guides who will fully assist you as soon as you arrive in Caracas.

Do not hesitate to contact us anytime and we will be happy to inform, assist and help you plan your trip!

Thank you very much and welcome with us !

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