Why kite lessons ?

Kiteboarding is a sport with high risks of injury for yourself and others. It is extremely not recommendable to learn alone. Since year 2000, pros and experienced Kiters and the industry have constantly inovated to get this sport much safer. Even if they succeded, there are still huge risks of injury for any beginner learning without a qualified instructor.

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It is then imperative to take lessons.The learning period depends from a person to another but in general, people need about 8 to 15 hours formation to learn how to ride with sufficient autonomy.

Lessons in single

The greatest benefits to learn with us in Adicora are you will never pay the 80 to 150 $ an hour you would pay in North American or European kite schools, you will not deal with any cold, lack of wind and other complications !

8 hours lesson : 300.00 $

15 hours lesson : 500.00 $

"LIFE COACH PLAN": 975.00 $

20 hours kite lesson plus 15 more hours with equipment included and then UNLIMITED ASSISTANCE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE !

Lifetime assistance include assistance, supervison, stance, jumping, tricks all the way thru the most advanced manoeuvers and tricks of the instructor for the rest of your life !

See our conditions below on this web page

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Lessons in double.

Principle of kite lessons in double is simple: The instructor has under his charge 2 beginners at the same time. It is much more economic ! *

Same conditions as single lessons apply. Up to a certain level in the beginners progression, it worths it but then it's better to continue independently. For more informations contact us.

8 hours in double: 450.00 $ ( 225.00 $ each person )

Advanced kite lessons

These advanced kite lessons are for those who completed the beginners kite lessons or intermediate riders. It takes some time to progress and get to the more advanced levels. This is why we offer the "LIFE COACH PLAN" so you can benefit of all the instructor's knowledge anytime anywhere all the time. But if you are a rider wishing to get assistance to progress, we will be more than happy to show you everything we know ! You will learn:

- Stance, transitions, advanced riding and pop

- Jumps

- Basic air manoeuvers and tricks

- High altitude jumping

- Un-hook and some tricks

- Strapless kitesurfing, wave riding and more advanced radical manoeuvers of kiteboarding


30.00 $ / hour with rider's equpiment.

45.00 $ / hour with school equipment. *

* Advanced kite lessons are more expensive with school's equipment cause it is much harder on the equipment. ( However we charge only 30 $ / hour for the stance thru advanced riding and pop ).

Package deals are counted in hours of lessons. The whole equipment is provided during lessons. Kite lessons can be given in english, french and spanish. Pirces are in US dollars. Anyone who wanna take kite lessons must know how to swim. For non-Venezuelians it is imperative to have a standard travel insurance to take lessons with us. certain conditions apply, do not hesitate and ask us for more infos if needed !

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