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It is a traction kite capable of pulling an individual. The sport is still young. The first traction kites appeared in early 1990's. Kiteboarding started developping in 1999...

Much bigger than a regular kite, with adequat formation,it allows people not only to ride over water, snow and grass but also jumping in a very spectacular fashion !

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Big jump in Nouveau-Burnswick, Canada, october 2011

An advantageous sport available to everyone !

It's really healthy,available to all from the mooment the person weight 35 kilos ( more or less 75 lbs ). It's outdoor, fascinating, non-polluting and generates a lot of adrenalin ! We feel a unique sensation of existence it's living the moment !

Not only it's available to all, younger and older and can do it in any season, for example on the image under in winter and the equipment is not embarrassing, you lert it in your car, go to the spot after work and ride !

In spot nearby Montreal, d├ęcember 2008. With very light winds you can ride with skis or snowboard. it's another fantastic world !

There are kids kiting aged from 8 to 10 and up to 75 years old ! For plane travels, it can pass as regular baggage !

The sport is also relatively economic: Of course you have to pay the lessons and after buying the equipment implicates an investment of some money but when it's done you just have to go and ride !

Ride for fun, freedom or push your limits with the wind !

kiting brings a dimension that no other sport can offer: You learn fast with an entirely natural force and brings another new aspect: sustentation ( or parachute effect ). For jumping then, it gives smooth landings !

Taking kite lessons with good instructors in a good spot where the wind is blowing almost all the time like Adicora will make you ride much shorter time ! In general, 8 to 15 hours lesson will suffice and with some more time and practice, you learn to jump and try tricks !

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But kiting, although it is particularly spectacular, not only brings an extreme dimension because for those who do not have the capacity or feel unable to navigate radically, just skim over the water, ride and turn brings a sense of freedom and it is indescribable !

Wind is needed to learn, ride, progress and jump!

Without wind kiting is impossible. It takes at least 15-20 km/h. When there is not enough wind, it's like a car without gazoline; It can't move ! The more often you got wind, the more you ride, progress and have fun !

As we have already mentioned: You don't get a lot of wind almost everywhere on the planet. To learn kite, it must be or windy almost all the time.

Kite-adic has chosen to give kite lessons in a spot where the wind almost never fails and where it's always very hot: The village of Adicora in Venezuela.

kite with a surf (kitesurf) add another wonderful dimension to this sport !

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