The famous pink flamingos. We can observe them almost anytime near Adicora between Buchuaco and El-Supi.
The "barba" Trees at the Montecano biological reserve, 25 minutes from Adicora.
"Los Medanos" or the sand dunes of Coro. A desert beside the city !
People can do "sand-boarding" over the dunes. (Like snowboarding but on sand.)
The "Tepuys", of the "Gran Sabana". Marvelous of the world in Venezuela in the south-eastern part of the country.
The "Salto Angel", The highest waterfall in the world with its 979 meters high. Still in " The grand Sabana".
Cabo San Roman's light house, By only some degrees, the second furthest point northern point of south America, at 30 minutes from Adicora.
The "Cerro Santa-Ana", a mountain in the center of the peninsula where Adicora is located. Very nice hikning in desert first part of it, rain forest at mid range of the mountain and finally and rocky summit !
Adicora delivers splendid sunsets almost every evenings !
On many occasions, we can observe a wide variety of birds in Venezuela and Adicora's region !
The Tiraya "salinas", at 20 minutes from Adicora. In the back, the "Gran Caribe" hotel project aborted about 25 years ago...
"Cerro Santa-Ana" climbing in 1997. The first part is very hot and dry !
At the summit, with about 80-90 km/h winds and outstanding view !
The "zona colonial" of Coro, one of the oldest cities of the continent !
Paraguana peninsula is full of very nice places like this one near Mata gorda...