"The other side of adicora". Flatwater, near the lighthouhe, north side of the village at sunset.


THE WIND : All over the coast where is located Adicora, THE WIND IS ONSHORE OR SIDE-ONSHORE. Up north, it is side-shors to side-offshore. Adicora, like we mentioned repetitively, is simply an incredible spot. In reality, it is windy almost all year round.

Even in the 2 to 4 months "lower", that are between september and december, this period has a wind average beyond 62 % of the time over force 4 at Beaufort scale and depending on the intensity of the hurricane season affecting the trade winds, it can blow as well all or almost all the time if there is a low storm season !


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Flat water in front of the village.


However by the quantity and quality of the wind is such that we prefer to advise kiters and windsurfers it's better to come from early January until the end of September because we want you to have the true wind every day! The best period of all is between mid to end january thru end of june so NOTHING BETTER FOR THOSE WHO WANNA CUT THEIR WINTER AND GO KITING IN TROPICAL AND HOT WATER CONDITIONS !

A 57 years old lady from Quebec jumping very high in march 2014.

Here, no wetsuits or even shorties. You wear shorts, lycras, swim suits or bikinis. Temperature here is 29 to 38 deg. cel. and the water is very hot!

The waves. You got them everyday in Adicora and all over the coast line. Clean faces in a nice day at lower Adicora's beach !

Nice visit visit from Canada in february 2014. Spot: Matagorda.

The wind not only almost year round, but IT'S BLOWING ALSO DAY AND NIGHT. 24 / 24 !! There is often no rest period OR only in very rare times, it may happen that it can stop for a few days maximum once a month, especially between February and July, and then the fan restarts for weeks, months !

Note that in addition, when a "wind drop" happens, there are the spots the other side of the peninsula like "Villa Marina" and "El Pico" where the wind is present due to the phenomenal thermal effect of the Peninsula!

The waves are always there from all sizes. Way enough for everyone cause there is another thing you got in abundance: Space. Spot: 1 to 2 km south of Adicora.


There are many other incredible spots nearby Adicora, passing thru Bucuaco, El Supi, Matagorda up thru and over Cabo San Roman !

Buchuaco: About 2 to 4 km north of adicora. Good little downwind to do !

To really understand at what point the spot is hallucinating, you have to know that at the same spot, you got FLAT WATER, WAVES AND INFINITE SPACE !

You get out of your accommodation and you have to select: Ride near by the town, get up or the other side of it where the flat is or pass the reef where you got nice waves or even go a little downwind where you got infinite space and waves for kilometers !

The waves are "mushy" so it forgives. Nothing really hard breaknig ( unless when it's big ) but it let's you play with it with nice surfs ! It gets bigger if you pass the reef... And you will get it many times for your eyes only !

The "slick" in front of the village: Nice playground. The pass between noth and south of the village. Memorables sunset sessions almost every evening !

The flat water Is all over the west coast of the peninsula from Adicora thru the north. You get full of reef sections with waves in the outside and flat in the inside. It is fantastic !


The perfect flat water downwind from bay to bay from adicora to Mata Gorda is totally insane ! It is like a slick highway for kilometers full speed ! You can get out and play in the waves as well and once again: You got it all for yourself !

The flat on the north side.

You got all options at hand from adicora's south beach with sandy bottom just shallow and deep enough water to practice your tricks, waves and flat around as well !

La "piscine" de Buchuaco, very nice little flat bay !

In a downwind from Adicora to El-Supi or Mata gorda, we enter in the Buchuaco's flat water bay and can stay all the way on flat water even way passed Mata gorda and it's really fantastic ! You got many options !

1 km south of the village: Space. You got it all along with waves...

100 kilometers of spots spread along the coast.From Coro to cabo San Roman, waves and flat and space !

Matagorda and it's waves.

A small part of Matagorda's flat. Ideal to practice your tricks and strapless. On the way out you got the waves.

When the wind is blowing non-stop, we get bigger waves and especially on certain times...

At the beach the everyday's spot, we can ride and admire wonderful sunsets !

Big jump in Adicora.

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