Nice afternoon in Mata gorda with visitors from Austria and Quebec.
It was a huge party in an Adicora Kite club the last night of 2012 PKRA world cup grand slam in Adicora.
Some excentric travelers with whom we did not have boring times !
In Venezuela and Adicora you always can have ultra-cheap cold beers all around as low as 5-15 cents a bottle !!

People from many nationalities: Canadian, French and Americans. The 2 Americans come in Adicora since the last 20 years and never get bored to get back over and over again !
Good times at Mata gorda with a very cool Canadian group and a French traveler !
Mata gorda and it's charms.
Nice people in a kite club while a kite contest. Week-ends are getting more and more nice kiters from the country !
The exceptional restaurant "La Pancha". 4 to 5 services, best service and meals are gastronomy class served for an incredibly low price!
Very nice pool in a small resort nearby Adicora !