Wave session between Adicora and Bocaina in october 2013. 3.5 meters faces and smooth !
When the wind blows more than 18-25 knots non-stop you got nice faces everywhere ! And getting much bigger in the full moon with high tides...Spot: Lower Adicora's beach
Waves are perfect to practice your strapless kitesurfing skills ! They are mushy they don't rip you apart giving you always a second chance to go again ! Spot: Lower Adicora's beach
Upper Adicora's reef: Nice waves !
When the wind is over 22-25 knots the waves can get much bigger and up to 3 to sometimes 4.5 meter faces !
Clean faces in a nice day at lower Adicora's beach !
Infinite space... Out of sight... Twilight zone...
At Playa Cazon: A funnel. Waves align and rush to give very nice surfs but beware the reefs...
Countless waves and infinite space ! You got it all for yourselves ! Magical sunset sessions with spectacular colors will get you overwhelmed !
In Mata-Gorda the waves are very nice and sometimes much bigger !
So sweet ! Like cream !

Playa cazon during a downwind.
Puerto Escondido, near Cabo san Roman. Side and side-off shore conditions up to the north eastern point of the peninsula.
Near Buchuaco.
Another shot in Playa Cazon.
Lower Adicora's beach : Everyday perfect size and set of waves to practice your surfing skills !