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Welcome to Kite-adic ! Besides kite lessons, we provide accommodations, houses or rooms, assist and guiding travelers looking to come in Adicora to kite or windsurf here in the windiest spot on the planet !

Forward loop while windsurfing in Maui, Hawaii, 2007

Who we are

Marthy Landry

Word from the Founder:

Hello and welcome to all of you ! My name is Marthy Landry. Here is a brief story of what led me to go into this great adventure in the wind paradise !

At 19, bored of studying and working non-stop for years, a friend took me to windsurf which later became for me and my close friends, a way of life for almost 20 years. We constantly wanted to push our limits and challenge ourselves. Living in Montreal, Canada, we were able to windsurf only six months a year, with most of the time not enough windy days and in unsuficient conditions to progress...

One of the first windsurfing posadas at the time (1997): that of Carlos, a very good friend.

We discovered Adicora in the mid 1990's and I quickly realized that this was the spot i was looking for and that people would finally come because in Adicora you got all the wind and the necessary conditions you will never find eslewhere on the planet to ride everyday and to operate a business in this area !!

Always trying to adapt to everyday life in Quebec with windsurfing and never got real satisfaction wiht poor conditions there, and for years, thinking about to do the move since the first year that kite begun, i finally got myself into kiting in 1997 cause this sport can be practiced 4 seasons with less wind and waves than windsurfing !

Kite-skiing in Saint Paulin, Quebec, Canada in january 2012

There is a lot of wind in the winter and snow-kiting is really a super-healthy and attractive activity that can generate very strong emotions and that was one more reason that i got into it: With all this wind that there is in this season, Was there anything better to do?

Big jump in New-Brunswick, Canada during a storm in october 2011.

Kiteboarding, as many other extreme sports calls us to push our own personal limits and beyond. We intimately connect with all the forces of nature and see how far we can go!

Thus, coming to experience the wind paradise in Adicora, you will enter in another dimension where you live intensely and in the moment, fully connected with forces of nature and thereafter, it will be the same in any other place or season when you will have wind!


With my partners, we will do our best to provide you the most convenient and comfortable accommodation, teach or improve your skills in kiting and give you the best guiding, assistance and service as possible!

Once again, welcome in the wind paradise !!

Don't hesitate to contact us anytime !

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