Windsurfing has been what put Adicora on the world's wind map. Venezuelians have been the first to come and windsurf this spot in the late 1970's. There would also have a German named Manfred who has been the first or one of the first foreign pioneers in Adicora.

Anyway, all those who came windsurfing in Adicora have been really impressed by the phenomenal amount of wind, waves and space. There are also many spots of flat water, big swell and other waves spots all the way thru the north of the peninsula...


As we already have explained and shown on our site, from Coro wich is at the extreme south thru the limits of the north spots of Cabo San Roman, you have 100 km of wind and waves spots. In Adicora, waves are mushy, they don't break has a hard shore break and gives you a lot of room for mistakes and learn. You have so much space that even a "crowdy" kite day would not bounder at all... Above all, almost all the time, you will have the spot for yourself !

Donkey kick in 1997


Wind conditions are between 15 and 35 knots almost year round but stronger between mid february and july. Rest of the year can be little lighter depending on the hurricane season. You can bring your gear but there are decent equpiment rentals and cheap !

It is blowing side-onshore to onshore in Adicora. You would pass your entire time here and would have a tremendous wind and wave trip and out of time ! Closer to the village, you have smaller waves cause the reef up front is breaking it. About 150-300 meters downwind, the get bigger and at more than 300-400 meters they get as high as 2 meters and a half...

Table top in 1997

Further down, about 500 meters, waves get as high as 3 to 4 meters and even 5 meters by hard winds and tides ! You got also upon the reef in Adicora wich can get big also. Most impressive is that waves are really clean all the way !


For freestyle fans, you got a perfect playground and you also got the flat water around for slalom and racing fans not to mention the abundant quantity of spots on the rest of the coastline !

Adicora's flat section in January 2014.


Other than adicora, you have Buchuaco, El-Supi, Tiraya and even spots more up north where conditions turn more and more side-shore. At Buchuaco, about 3-4 km north of Adicora, you have more shore-break waves along the coast. It can get big all the way to El-Supi. It is so immense you can loose yourself !

If we go more up north, we pass by Tiraya where you get the falt water bay of Mata-Gorda and it is deep. The waves at the reef get big and very nice ! Further north, up to Puerto Escondido and Cabo San Roman, you got side-shore to side-offshore spots !

Forward loop in 1996 on our first trip


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